What Clients Say About Us

  • "The HECM has improved my retirement. It has opened many opportunities for leisure time and money to do things that weren't available prior. I recommended several people who have taken advantage of it and they, too, have said it was a great move for them."

    John R.

  • "We had quite a large mortgage payment and if something happened to either one of us, with the loss of income, the other one would have to sell and move out of our home. The HECM completely relieved our stress. The Flexible payments which includes the no-payment option is perfect for us because when that time comes we now have no fear of losing the house because the HECM doesn't have any required monthly payments. We really can't understand why everyone who is 62 doesn't do this."

    Miguel & Gabriela P.

  • "What made a Federally Insured HECM the right decision for us was additional income every month. It has given us security and the ability to treat our children and ourselves to a better lifestyle. To help my son after his divorce now when he really needed it without putting us in a bind made us feel fantastic. A HECM is a fabulous way to supplement your income and have a secure future."

    Alvin & Eileen C.

  • "I had a new roof put on, i bought a new furnace and air conditioning unit, I had my house painted on the outside and some other minor things done. Anything I had a question I could call my advisor. He was very helpful. I was very pleased with the way everything was handled."

    Geraldine O.

  • "We didn't need the money now, but over time the growing Credit Line limit will increase dramatically from $200,000 to over $590,000! Our financial planner agreed that this will strengthen our current portfolio so there's no fear of running out of money. It's amazing to think that if and when we need access to money, it'll be there. We couldn't be happier!"

    Jerry & Nancy N.