Scenario #1

Bob and Joyce thought they had a good retirement planned out, but their financial planner showed them that at their current spending, they would run out of money by the age of only 82.

Due to this alarming concern, their financial planner referred them to a Senior Lending advisor who then showed them proven studies on how using their housing wealth in conjunction with their other investments would delay early portfolio exhaustion and gain significant financial security.

All they needed to do is take small home equity draws from a HECM Credit Line and that would reduce their portfolio withdrawals which ultimately ensured that their money would last well past their 99th birthdays!

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Scenario #2

Harold & Lena' s home was valued at $475,000 and they had a $149,000 mortgage outstanding. They qualified for a HECM credit line of $264,525 and paid off their mortgage balance which left them with the difference of $115,525 remaining in their HECM growing credit line. They were relieved that they no longer had to make their $873/month mortgage payment for the rest of their lives. They also had the security of a credit line that's guaranteed to grow overtime.

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Scenario #3

Claire owned her home free and clear. Even with no mortgage payment she had enough income to pay the bills, but not much more. She was living month to month and relying on Social Security income and a small pension. Rather than taking out a traditional mortgage and being burdened with a mortgage payment that she couldn't afford,Claire decided to keep living month-to-month.

She finally spoke with a Senior Lending advisor who advised her that her home' s value of $225,000 would yield her $121,175. The HECM Credit Line helped Claire feel secure knowing that she never had to make a mortgage payment when she withdrew her money. Claire breathed a sigh of relief because she finally did not have to live month-to­ month anymore. Now she was able to live the retirement she always wanted and remain in her home.
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