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Introducing Senior Lending's HomeSafe Jumbo Credit Line

Introducing Senior Lending's HomeSafe Jumbo Credit Line Image

Introducing a powerful new retirement financing tool that allows you to maximize home equity. HomeSafe is a proprietary non-recourse credit line offered by Senior Lending for homes valued up to 3 million. It provides cash on hand through a line of credit with no required monthly mortgage payments, while giving you the freedom to access additional funds as you wish.

Home Equity is a powerful financial tool that can greatly enhance your retirement goals, just like your 401K, IRA or annuities. HomeSafe is the first product of its kind that combines two popular financial tools into one. You get the benefits of a traditional Bank HELOC, with the protections and flexibility like a HECM Reverse Credit Line.

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When it comes to your retirement, we realize the road ahead can sometimes look challenging to navigate. That’s why Senior Lending is committed to helping retirees like you see a true path toward your retirement goals

Fund a More Comfortable & Secure Retirement
With a HomeSafe Credit Line

  • Flexible payments: You can pay Interest Only, Principal & Interest or pay Nothing at all! (It’s completely your option every month)
  • Supplement your income with continuous monthly withdrawals, just like a annuity or pension.
  • Pay off outstanding consumer debts like high interest credit cards.
  • Complete home repairs or improvements without worrying about taking on additional debt.
  • Protection for a surviving spouse from lost income.
  • Replenish your cash reserves.
  • Use the credit line to pay high property taxes.
  • Protect your retirement investments from market crashes.
  • Support “aging in place” expenses with specific home modifications.
  • Pay for medical or dental emergencies or for long term care.
  • Help your children or grandchildren with some advanced inheritance money.
  • Or any other purpose!

HomeSafe Credit Line Offers unique Advantages:

  • Maximum Loan Amount up to $3 million (FHA Lending Limit is $765,600)
  • No annual MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium)
  • No pre-payment penalties or maturity date
  • Credit Line LIMIT increases automatically every year
  • HomeSafe Credit Line will NOT decrease, close or be frozen
  • Same non-recourse feature as the FHA HECM

Minimal Eligibility Requirements:

  • Minimum Age is 60 (FHA HECM reverse mortgage is 62)
  • Minimal credit & income requirements
  • Can be used for 1-4 units or Condos
  • Primary residence only

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