HECM For Purchase in Florida

Mortgage Free Retirement Living

HECM for
Purchase Basics:

  • Down payment is about
    1/2 the sales price
  • No required mortgage payments
    (payments are optional)
  • Minimal credit and
    income requirements
  • At least one borrower
    needs to be 62 or older
  • Federally insured for
    your protection

At some point in retirement the decision for many seniors to “Right-Size” starts with carefully identifying your priorities, requirements, stage in life, and matching it to the home or community that is a perfect fit for you whether it be:

  •   Upsizing to a home that better fits your lifestyle
  •   Downsizing to a home that is more manageable
  •   Moving to a new “active” retirement community
  •   Moving closer to family

Use the (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) HECM for Purchase (H4P) product to buy a “Right- Sized” home that fits your needs without the financial burden of a mortgage payment. Combining a one-time down payment with the proceeds from a HECM allows you to complete a purchase transaction making it the same as if you bought your home with 100% cash.

Since you don’t need 100% of the purchase price, the savings can allow you to reinvest the money back into your savings. The H4P can be just the thing you need to start living your retirement your way.

Jim and Carol sold their home up north and want to purchase their dream retirement home without a monthly mortgage payment, but they also don’t want to spend all their cash.
How can they accomplish both?
The answer is with the
HECM for Purchase!
COST of New Home $300,000
HECM Proceeds51%
Cash Saved:$153,500
Jim and Carol now live in their new home with NO mortgage payments and they have a significant amount of cash left over for future needs.

HECM for Purchase

Down Payment Matrix


   The difference between the Sales Price and the
Down Payment is the HECM loan which requires
No Monthly Mortgage Payments (Payments are optional)

AGE 67
AGE 72
AGE 77
AGE 82
AGE 87
$150,000 $80,885 $75,935 $72,935 $67,385 $61,085 $53,735
$200,000 $107,198 $100,598 $96,598 $89,198 $80,798 $70,998
$250,000 $133,098 $124,848 $119,848 $110,598 $100,098 $87,848
$300,000 $159,823 $149,923 $143,923 $132,823 $120,223 $105,523
$350,000 $186,135 $174,585 $167,585 $154,635 $139,935 $122,785
$400,000 $212,448 $199,248 $191,248 $176,448 $159,648 $157,310
$450,000 $238,760 $223,910 $214,910 $198,260 $179,360 $157,310
$500,000 $265,073 $248,573 $238,573 $220,073 $199,073 $174,573

NMLS 1253328 Down payments shown are approximate and can change due to current market conditions

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